What you can do with a phone

Last summer was great for my friend and me. We played video games, baseball, football and almost all other sports! But, after some time this wasn’t enough. We were sitting in our room all day, just waiting time to pass. So, I had an idea! I wanted to make one prank.
So, my best friend and I start sending text messages to one boy (this was unknown number) who lived nearby. I told him that I am a girl, called Nora and that I saw him in the city. He replied on every message we have sent to him! Although it was funny, it wasn’t enough. I called him (from my real phone number) to come over.

When he came he was very happy, but he didn’t want to tell us why. After a few minutes he asked me do I know some Nora, who lives in the city. I told him that it is my ex-girlfriend and that she is very beautiful! He didn’t believe me so I found some picture online, downloaded it and change the name into Nora. When I show to him, he started blushing!

I knew it was enough and I should stop texting him, as Nora, but it was fun. I noticed he was very happy and he wanted more. So, I called him on a date. It was raining, but nothing serious. I told him to come to one place which was 5 miles away. He seat on his bicycle and went. After 10 minutes ‘’Nora’’ received message ‘’ am waiting you baby’’. At that time it started raining seriously! When he came back, he was so wet! I told him, that I was texting him. He still doesn’t talk to me!


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