The funniest commercials ever

Commercials are all around us, there is not a single day in which you cannot see just one commercial. I believe that the most popular, and in the same time the most effective commercials, are funny ones. Here are a few examples of them.
One of the funniest commercials I have ever seen is related to the diamond rings. On a cold, snowing day, man is going outside and starts peeing in the snow. When his girl approaches him, in the snow is written ‘’ will you marry me’’. The point of this commercial is to have a better idea of proposing to your girlfriend, with a diamond ring perhaps.
My favorite commercial is old, but it is still the best commercial ever. It is about salmon. It starts with a beautiful river where bears are hunting salmon, as the narrator says ‘’the best salmon in the world’’. Then, a crazy man is coming wearing an orange suit, and starts to fight with a bear. But, apparently this bear knows some martial arts, so he kicks the man in the stomach and returns eating salmon. You have probably already seen this commercial, but if you haven’t, please watch it today. It will make you laugh, and maybe even make you buy salmon.
If you don’t understand the English language, after this commercial you will probably want to learn it. The action is set in a car, with a family (parents and children). The father turns on the radio and there is some radio commercial for sex toys, but it was a very detailed commercial. But, because the parents don’t understand the English language, they leave the radio on and start driving. So, go and start learning English.


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