The Big Bang Theory

The big bang theory is probably one of the funniest sitcom TV shows you can watch today. It is made by Bill Prady and Chuck Lorre, they are also executive producers on the show, and with Steven Molare they are head writers. The action, as you probably know is set in Pasadena, with five characters, Leonard, Sheldon, Howard, Raj and beautiful Penny. The show is about their funny moments and awkward situations. But, this is something you already know, here is something you don’t know.
Sheldon is a huge fan of Star Trek, but the actor, Jim Parson has never watched this TV show, and he has never watched Doctor who. There is the same show in the Belarus, (same actions, same characters), made by their government. But the producers of the original series, and I believe the only real big bang theory series, won’t sue the Belarus show. Bazinga, a word that Sheldon has often used after the second season, is actually a word made by producers. But some scientist in the Sought America named one species of bees using this catchphrase. They were using it so much in the office, so they decided to put it in the series. Names of the Sheldon and Leonard are taken from one man, Sheldon Leonard, the producer and writer who is very appreciated by Bill Prady and Chuck Lorre.
There are tons of interesting facts that you probably don’t know about this show, but actually, you need to watch this great show, and enjoy. This is one of rare TV series that can make you laugh every time you are watching it.


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