Sure Shot Ways Of Annoying Your Boss

Want to quit a job without harming the resume? Well, there are times when most of us are exasperated with bosses and managers, and these tips will talk of just the precise things to annoy them!

Be the self-patting gem
As cool as it may sound, but talking of your own accomplishments can be maddening for your boss and colleagues. Simply talk about yourself on every occasion- right in a casual meeting or at the snacking counter, and you know the trick has worked.

Just keep trying
For any request that’s beyond the official duties, simply tell your boss that you will certainly ‘try’! The difference between ‘will’ and ‘try’ is huge, and the more you keep ‘not trying’, to be precise, the more infuriated the bossy manager gets.

Waste his time!
Alright, this is cunning, but what can be a better way to irritate someone than wasting their time? Get to your boss’s desk with any unnecessary file and keep talking junk till he realizes that a good chunk of his work time is gone into nothing!

Keep avoiding calls and messages
Once you step out of the office, just avoid all calls from your boss. Well, most honchos and bossy managers get annoyed when their juniors don’t take their calls or don’t respond to instant messaging chats. If reasons are asked, you know there are plenty of personal issues to discuss and waste his time again!

Starting your new memo of annoying the boss at workplace should be straightforward now. After all, who wants a discontented and shrewd boss anyway?


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