South African Doctors Perform the World’s First Successful Penis Transplant

Doctors in South Africa have been able to successfully perform the world’s first penis transplant. The operation was performed on a man, 21 years old, whose penis had been removed three years ago due to complications during a circumcision. The operation was nine hours long, and it took place in December as a part of a pilot study being done by the Tygerberg Hospital in Cape Town and the University of Stellenbosch.

The aim of the study was to attempt to help young men who lose their penises every year because of complications during coming of age rituals. Around 250 young men are victims of this occurrence annually.

Doctors reported that the patient had already been able to regain full use of his urinary and reproductive functions, and that they hope to eventually make the procedure available to men who lose their penises to cancer, or even as a solution for erectile dysfunction. The head of the university’s urology unit, who led the operation, says that the patient is making a rapid recovery, and hat they hope he will be fully functional within two years. There are nine patients on the waiting list for the operation.


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