Rooney Disagrees with Rule Change Proposals at Annual Meeting

At the NFL Annual Meeting in Phoenix, there are 23 rule change proposals on the agenda, and thirteen of them have to do with the expansion of instant replay. Art Rooney, president of the Steelers, does not want any of the instant replay proposals to pass. He says that he is not on favor of them, and he does not see the need for an increase the amount of interruptions that already exist during football games. Rooney also states that it would not technically be a bad thing to have more plays reviews, and a wider variety as well. However, he says that there is only so many that can be incorporated into a football game, before you have exhausted your options and the game is too long.

The proposals up for review at the meeting cover many replay aspects. Things such as making all plays reviewable and expanding replay for personal foul penalties will be up for discussion. Rooney also disagrees with the Patriots’ proposal to make the extra point harder to attain, and the Colts’ suggestion to adjust scoring so that there is a nine point possession. This years NFL Annual Meeting may not result in much dramatic change in the games rules.


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