One Funny Story

This happened for real, so it is even funnier. It is a story of one ordinary woman.

‘’When I met a perfect guy, I was so happy, and I knew that I would marry him. Because I have ‘’problems’’ from eating beans, I promised myself that I will stop and never eat them again. Later we got married and everything was perfect. One day I was returning home from work, but because we lived in the countryside, I go on a job with my car. One day my car broke down and I stayed in the middle of my job and my home. I waited some time, but when I saw that there was no help, I started walking home. I called my husband and told him that I will come home later, because I had a car problem. But, this was a long walk, and I was hungry. After some time I saw a beautiful restaurant and I went in. Because the specialty of a day was bean, I ordered it. Believing than till I got home, I will solve my ‘’problems’’ with this food. I walked several miles more and finally got home. When my husband saw me, he blindfolded me and said that he has a surprise for me. I sat on a chair but at that moment his phone arrived and he had to take the call. But, my ‘’problems’’ appear, and I had to do it. So I farted, smell was extremely bad, so I took a napkin and I start waving to make that smell go away. I did this several times. When my husband came, he removed blindfold and I saw 12 people sitting next to me.


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