College time

Last year was my first year of college. Because it was far away from my town, I didn’t know where my college is. Luckily my friends was with me (they go to the same college). When we finally found the college, I asked one man who works there, ‘’whom to hand over the papers’’, he looked at me and said ‘’Dr. Paterson’’. I started looking for mentioned doctor, but no luck. I asked the same question several people, and they all said the same. After some time we found a lady, who started laughing when I asked her ‘’Where to find that Dr. Paterson’’. Lady laugh and went. Finally, I realized that it was a street!

So I started studying and a few weeks passed without funny events. Last week we had a test of history, which involved all important musicians from history. Because some of my friends and me, had the test already done, we just waited the end of a class so we can switch the tests! The only catch was, we had to write something whole class! I was writing something funny, about Beethoven, like he was a midget, and he lived underground and drove Formula 1. It was so funny that I started laughing. Then the professor came to me and started looking at my test. He read it and say ‘’Very good, you just need to write about his work’’. Sadly, he told me that I fail to pass the test! When the class ended, I waited that all students hand over the test. It was 100 test in front of the professor. I asked him ‘’Do you know who am I?’’ he said ‘’No’’, so I put my test in the middle of the pile, and I run away.


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