The Fear Psychosis Generated By Jaws Still Lives On In The Heart Of Audiences 40 Years Down The Line

It is going to be 40 years on Saturday when Jaws first opened its mouth before the public. It was supposed to be a cinematized version of a beach-story by the young and inexperienced director Steven Spielberg. The same impact is expected on Saturday when the shark completes 40 years since it opened up its mouth to devour whatever it can.

The movie went on to gather a lot of accolades at the box-office. Jaws brought in  a whooping $123.1 million of revenue when it was first released. Jaws became an instant hit when it evoked fear and surprise of a fish that was not seen on the screen for most of the time. The mastery lay in the fear that it generated among the audience. The movie was capable of generating fear to such an extent that people kept away from the ocean the entire summer.

The mastery worked in  controlling huge audiences to theatres. Jaws became an all time hit. Its popularity broke all records made in the film industry before it. It occupied the prime position for a long time till Star Wars moved to the top slot after two years.

Jaws made Spielberg stand out as one of the prime directors of his era. He seemed to have an inkling of what the Diaspora wanted to see in the movies. He did serve the public what it wanted in the form of movies like Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones and E.T.

The lessons that contemporary directors have learned from Spielberg has been that bigger is always better. There are a lot more chases and fight-sequences in modern movies.


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