‘The Bachelorette’ Shawn Almost Quit After Discovering That Kaitlyn Hooked up with Nick

The “Bachelorette” has given us lots of things to talk about this season and as we are quickly approaching the end of the show it s evident that we will be missing some of the dramas that we have been accustomed to. For instance, the boys who were competing for Kaitlyn Bristowe heart have been known to be total dush-bags thanks to the demeanor that they display on the screen. Another epic and interesting moment during this season was the fact Kaitlyn Bristowe opted to have sex on the first date. Even with the show coming to an end we might just be treated to a very epic ending. 

According to reports, Shawn Booth was almost walking out of the whole thing after realizing that Kaitlyn Bristowe hooked up with his mortal enemy in the show, Nick Viall. As at now, there are two guys that Kaitlyn Bristowe has confessed to totally falling and that is Nick and Shawn. This particular love is the reason why she couldn’t be quite any more about his hook up with Nick, so she had to tell him the truth before finding it from someone else. The fact that the two don’t actually get along so great and the fact that Kaitlyn Bristowe hooked up with Nick, presents the perfect dosage of reality TV. So what exactly can we expect moving forward, well its pretty simple if Nick gets to meet up with Shawn, I am sure that wrds will be exchanged or even punches but as at now all we have to do is just wait and see. 


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