‘Star Trek’ Actress Hospitalized After Suffering Mild Stroke

Nichelle Nichols, beloved “Star Trek” actress has just been hospitalized. The 82-year old is said to have suffered a mild stroke and was rushed to Hospital. 

According to the reports, Nichols, who made her name by starring in “Star Trek” between 1966 and 1969 as Lieutenant Uhura, was rushed to hospital by an ambulance which arrived at her home in the evening following an emergency call that was received her home. 

The doctors who were treating her said that she responded well to the treatment that they administered and she is currently in a stable condition but resting. As for now they are administering a number of tests so as to determine the severity of her state before they can be able to let her leave the hospital.

Fans of the famed “Star Trek franchise will tell you how big a role their beloved Nichols plays in the film. Back in the 1960s, Nichols announced her presence in Hollywood by putting up an outstanding performance and given that she was the first black actress to actually feature in the movie, her stats and popularity soared even higher. 

In addition to acting, Nichelle Nichols also loves the space; in fact, she has committed time to work on a very special project with NASA. In the project, she helps in recruiting females as well as minorities to work for the company.      

We do wish her a steady recovery and hope to see her smiling again out of the hospital.


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