Commissioners In Clay County Unanimously Approve Removal Of 30-Year Ban On Setting Up Of Sex-Shops

Commissioners in Clay County gave their approval to a set of ordinances paving the way for setting up of sex-shops in the vicinity. While local residents are perturbed by the decision, lawmakers say it is a way to keep off petty cases coming up in the court.

 Locals are of the opinion that these shops are going to boost crimes like prostitution and the us of illegal psychotropic drugs in the area. It is going to be quite embarrassing for the locals to explain to their young children what these shops are all about.

 The move effaces a 30-year ban effective on adult entertainment in the county. It can bring in a couple of problems the county has not bargained for.

The legal fraternity in the county is of the opinion that the ban on adult entertainment is not valid as per the freedoms guaranteed in the US Constitution.

 But the new legislation allows their operation only in specific places. Two other ordinances support the legislation by specifying the operational guidelines specified for these sex-shops.

The commissioner clearly specified the locations where the stores are to be set up. Nineteen sites were identified where the shops can be set up. There are restrictions of their being at least 2,500 feet away from educational institutions besides maintaining a safe distance from religious institutions as well.

This is the only way to control the effects of the business. It is now only a matter of time before the first adult sore moves into the vicinity.


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