‘The Bachelorette’ Nick Viall Is A ‘Scumbag’ – Shawn Booth

If you happen to be a fan of the Bachelorette then there are two main contestants who you know have the possibility of winning the heart of Kaitlyn Bristow and those two are Nick Viall and Shawn Booth. Throughout the show Kaitlyn Bristowe has stated that she really does love both Nick and Shawn, but unfortunately for her and fortunately for you, me and the producers of the show, both Shawn and Nick do not get along. 

The two have been involved in a number of small arguments ever since the show premiered and as we are getting down to the remaining few episodes we are bound to have extra drama especially with both Nick and Shawn on board. 

In a recent episode of the “Bachelorette” Shawn opens up abut Nick and he goes on to clearly give his opinion about Nick and it wasn’t pretty. According to Shawn Nick is simply a pure “Scumbag”. To make even more interesting is the fact that Kaitlyn Bristowe had hooked up with Nick before and its when Shawn is actually finding out about it.

According to reports by People, Shawn was very devastated when he found out that Kaitlyn Bristowe had hooked up with Nick, in fact he is heartbroken at the moment and he is looking at ways in which he can be able to get back at Nick. 

All in all, this drama promises to give us the viewers a very epic ending of the “Bachelorette”   


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