Rihanna’s Family Despise Leonardo DiCaprio

Not everyone is a fan of the relationship between Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio. According to reports by Hollywood Life, Rihanna’s family are not that please with the relationship in fact they despise the “Wolf of Wall Street" actor and they are urging her to stay away from the actor.

According to Rihanna’s family Leonardo DiCaprio is a cheater is bound to cheat on Rihanna. The news about the two being a couple is yet to be made public by either camp but that hasn’t stopped the family to comment about the pair who have been seen around Hollywood together in a number of events. “They despise him because they think he’s a cheater,” a source who is close to Rihanna’s family told Hollywood Life.

The source went on to add that, “The family believes he’s with a different woman every weekend.” The family has a valid reason to be concerned; DiCaprio has proven to be one of Hollywood’s bad boy a path which has gained him the title of the most notorious bachelor in Hollywood. He has been linked to a number of women in Hollywood so far but as at now Rihanna seems to be the one who is likely to win the heart of the talented actor.

In addition to DiCaprio having a bad reputation, the family are also concerned about the “Umbrella” singer given her recent relationship with rapper Drake and Chris Brown. Both her relationship with the two did not go as planned and left the singer heartbroken.


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