Remembering Two And Half Men: An American Sitcom

Two and a Half Men, a famous American sitcom continued for 12years with 12 seasons entertaining people worldwide. The show started in Feb 2003 until this year. The original concept of Two and a Half Man was a story of two brothers, Charlie and Alan along with his son Jake. Charlie lives in a Malibu beach house facing water and is a playboy and musician. His divorced brother Alan along with his son Jake walks into Charlies house and the fun starts. For the initial seasons, the combination is shown adjusting with each other and their lifestyles. Along with these main leads, few supporting characters like Charlies maid, Alan’s wife, Charlies lover and their mother add extra cream to the cake.
In the ninth season, the team of Two and a Half man brought changes. The character of Charlie was killed suddenly and new character played by Ashton Kutcher as Walden Schmidt was introduced. Although it took a little time to adjust with the new character, Kutcher seemed to have adopted the role quite well. In these later seasons, even Jake is grown older and has joined army. In the end of the 10th season, he departs for Japan in army and never returned in the entire season 11. Here, he was replaced with Jenny (played by Amber Tamblyn) as Charlies unknown daughter. Recently on February 19, 2015 the finale episode "Of Course He's dead" was premiered where it was made unsure whether Charlie is really dead or not. Towards the end scene, a character similar to Charlie tries to ring the doorbell and a piano falls on him indicating Charlies confirmed death. The end of the show may not be as expected however, after all these years of entertainment by the show, a little of let go is fine.


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