Holly Madison Spills Dirt On Kendra Wilkinson Hank Baskett Was Into Another Playmate

Holly Madison tell all memoir is bringing to light a lot of things that happens in the Playboy mansion and in addition to that it also spoke about  30 years old Kendra Wilkinson and her husband Hank Baskett.  

In the tell all memoir, the 35 year former Playboy reveals that Kendra and Hanks might not have happen if a certain Playboy bunny was allowed to enter the Playboy Melanson.  According to the memoir,  which has been titled "Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny",  the 35-year-old former bunny in the Playboy mansion reveals that Kendras husband was Madly in love with Kayla Collins.  The memoir also goes on to point out the fact that Kendra actually knew all about and when she heard that Collins would be coming into the mansion she literally freaked out. In fact,  Hue Hefner was actually going to kick out Collins due to the fact that Wilkinson had lots of issues and melt downs when Collins was around.

“I honestly do believe that Kendra was very threatened by Collins,  a very energetic and petite blonde who was just running in front of the camera," Madison wrote.  She went on further and stated that,  "I would later come to find out that Hunk,  Kendra's husband had a thing for Collins and was actually chasing her around before meeting up Kendra. I am not exactly sure whether the grapevine news was true or not but if true it will explain all the issues as well as the freak out moments that were there when Collins was in the mansion.


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