GTA V Online Heist Release Date uncertain But Game Leaks Are Everywhere!

Grand Theft Auto V, or GTA V has been eagerly expected by the gaming fraternity but release date is still uncertain. Some the GTA V hot news is concerning the GTA V online heist full of new features like player roles. A few of the player roles similar to job roles in any other roleplay game, the leader would be GTA online heist, Sniper, Parachutist, Hacker and Hired Gun. But, if you think that you can switch roles anytime, think again as it was explained that the moment you have picked the job you will be taking, it will remain your job until the end.

In addition to that, GTA V online heist would feature new areas such as “Drop off Hooker”, Prison van rescue”,”Territory Takeover”, “Ornate Bank Heist” and “Cop Territory”. Strip and comedy clubs will also be there, stadiums f or areas and hosting parties, added clothing options for customization of players and added large payouts on particular missions to be packaged in future DLCs.

More GTA V heist news points to the possible presence of Zombie themes soon though time will unravel if that will be on the menu. Multiplayer heists however have not been released yet and the release dates for Xbox One, PC versions and PS4 are yet to be known. Grand Theft Auto V is the 15th version of the series and it came second in IGN’s Top 25 Xbox 360 Games.


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