Just weeks after undergoing a surgery so as to prevent cancer, Angelina Jolie, who has made her name as an A-List actor in Hollywood, made her first appearance at Saturday’s teen choice award where she was accompanied by her two daughters.

Two years ago Jolie, 39, discovered that she had a BRCA 1 gene which is known to cause cancer and as a result she opted to undergo a double mastectomy and this year Jolie had another surgery so as to remove both her fallopian tubes as well as the ovaries. “It gave me an estimated 87% risk of developing breast cancer and a 50% risk of developing ovarian cancer,” she said. “I chose to undergo the procedure given the history of cancer which exists in our family,” she added.

Jolie, a mother of six, has in the past lost her mother as well as grandmother and her aunt to cancer. “I did not do this solely because I carry the BRCA 1 gene mutation and I want other women to hear this.”
“A positive BRCA test does not mean a leap to surgery. I have spoken to doctors around, surgeons and naturopaths.”
That said there are other means that one would take once they find that they are BRCA positive such as taking birth control pills or even rely on alternative medicines combined with frequent doctor checkups.

With regards to other women who believe that they may have the BRCA 1 gene Jolie advises that, “The most important thing is to learn about the options and make a personal choice early.”
Brad Pitt, Jolie’s husband, has been very supportive and understanding during these tough times and even flew back in the country the day that Jolie was having the surgery.

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