One of the promising and well-known American comedians, Christopher Julius Rock III, popularly known as Chris Rock was born on February, 7, 1965 to Rosalie and Julius in Andrews, South Carolina but they shifted to Crown Heights, Brooklyn shortly after his birth. His childhood was filled with hardships. His father died when he was very young. He was abused and taunted by the white students and to such an extent that, his parents had to pull him out of his school and he had to work in fast-food chains which were menial and disgusting. His style was influenced by the performing style of his paternal grandfather who was a preacher. His brothers are also working in entertainment industry. He started his career in 1984 when he started working in Catch a rising star as stand-up comedian. Slowly but steadily he climbed up the ladders of success in his chosen field of career.

Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock share a close bond because Eddie mentored him when he realized that there is a treasure trove of talent in this young talented comedian. Eddie gave him his first film role in Beverly Hills Cop II. Many times, people mistake him with Chris Tucker. He got a nation-wide fame when he became a cast member in Saturday Night Live in 1990 and catapulted him into fame and financial success. But things did not go smooth, he left the show in 1993 as a frustrated man and concentrated on a Hollywood career but that did not work out in a good way and he returned to stand-up comedy.



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