The plumber story

A husband wanted to do something nice for his wife, so he washed the dishes, cleaned the house and make a romantic dinner for his wife and him! But the sink corked. He tried to solve this problem, but without luck, so he called a plumber. Luckily the plumber was crossing near the house so he comes in a few minutes. Because he was going out, wearing a nice suit, the husband gave him his old clothes. The plumber start working. In order to show his gratitude, husband went to the store to buy a beer for the plumber. At that time, his wife came from work. She saw her husband near the sink, wearing his sexy jeans! The woman comes and grab that man for his butt! The plumber scared and hit his head in a sink, and fainted! The wife was scared! She thought that this man was a burglar, so she started to search her husband. She was walking across the house holding a pan in her hand. When someone opened the front door, she hit it with the pan. It was her husband.

When the husband explained what happened, he saw the plumber lying on the floor! After trying to wake him up, and failing, they called an ambulance. Luckily they came soon. Because they had to carry the plumber to their ambulance car, they must use the stairs. Husband and wife were going with the medics. When they started explaining this funny situation, medic laugh and drop the plumber on the stairs and broke his arm. When he got out of the hospital, the couple called him again to fix the sink! Sadly, this is the true story!


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