Slapjack on the Jimmy Fallon Show

This Thursday’s edition of the Jimmy Fallon Show saw the host and Kevin Hart playing a round of Slapjack. For all you uninitiated people out there Slapjack is the same as Blackjack with a little twist: the looser is hit with a huge prosthetic hand. And by huge I mean the size of a human’s torso huge.

That sounds like a fun game you say? Well it probably is, however Kevin heart was dissatisfied with only one thing: that he wasn’t given a black prosthetic hand. If you’re acquainted with Kevin Hart you can imagine how that went like. The actor / comedian stated that he was a bit pissed that he didn’t get a black hand especially seeing how this weekend was Martin Luther King weekend.

After this short introduction to the game the two men started playing and cracking jokes and shortly after proceeded to slapping each other with the huge foam hands. The first round was won by Hart who got to slap Fallon in the face. However things only went down from there and Hart lost the next two rounds which meant he got slapped back twice by Jimmy Fallon.

The two guys claim they invented the game and it sounds like the kind of thing they would think of. This is a really fun game you can play with your friends given the fact that you have a foam hand or other foam utensil. As for the clip you can probably watch it on YouTube by now.


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