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Besides movies and funny TV shows, there are many other ways to make you laugh, or even better, to make everyone laugh. One of the most popular ways is hidden camera. Almost in every country exist one or several productions that put ordinary people in the some situations, record them and at the end, we all laugh. There are literally thousand of examples of hidden cameras, and in 99% they are funny.
One of the most popular hidden camera of all times is probably ‘’Dead girl in the elevator’’. Although it does not have such a funny name, it is extremely funny for the viewers. The action is set in the elevator, of course. When someone goes into the elevator, after a few minutes, producers turn off the light for just 10 seconds. At that time, a young girl comes out from a secret hatch, dressed as a zombie and just stays in the corner of the elevator. When the lights are turned back on, the person in the elevator sees her, actions are funny and unique for every person. Some are crying, others are screaming and many other things, but we all laugh.
The second situation is less funny, but you would like to be in this episode of hidden camera. The action takes place in the office, where people come for an interview for a new job. They go inside an empty office and they must wait for a cheif, but instead of him, a young and attractive woman goes inside wearing sexy clothes. After some time, she starts to try and seduce those people. Reactions are stunning, because there are married man, shy men and many more, every one of them stands out, and for us, is funny.

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