Hannibal Buress Gets Yondr To Block Cell Phones At Latest Show

Hannibal Buress has become an expert at seeing his jokes become a viral phenomenon.=

An audience member recorded his stand-up act in the fall of 2014.  The bit which was based on the rape allegations that were being filed against Cosby went on to be a viral sensation.  Cosby went on to face numerous other allegations and swarms of hecklers at his future shows.

Buress, is now trying to take preventative measures in ensuring that his material doesn't end up leaked again.  He teamed up with Yondr to utilize their signal blocking technology.  This will in turn make his performance in California a phone-signal free zone.

A spokesman for Yondr said that comedians rely heavily on their performances and don't want their acts being leaked and spoiled by people via cellphones.



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